Summer Kick Off Sale

Let's kick off summer right!  We’re offering limited-time discounts on Pope's Distillation Equipment.  Summer Kick Off Sale Includes:  5% discount off our standard wiped-film still distillation systems (Includes 2”, 4” and 6” systems) + 20% off stainless-steel components (internal condenser and body) within a WFS package 20% discount on stainless-steel conversion [...]

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MJBizCon Equipment Promotion

In conjunction with this year’s virtual MJBizCon event, we’re offering limited-time discounts on Pope Cannabis Distillation Equipment! MJBizCon 2020 Discounts:  15% discount on stainless-steel conversion kits - the kit consists of a stainless steel body, internal condenser, and all the necessary adapters to insert it on an existing glass still. 10% [...]

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Join us at MJBizCon 2020 Online

Join us online at this year’s MJBizCon 2020! Passholder day forums run Nov. 2 – Dec. 1. The main event runs Dec. 2 – 4. The entire cannabis industry unites annually at MJBizCon to: Create alliances, partnerships and joint ventures Learn from industry leaders Discover new products and services … and celebrate [...]

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Stainless Steel vs. Borosilicate Glass Wiped-Film Stills

Pope Scientific manufactures Wiped Film Stills in both 316L stainless steel and borosilicate glass. When selecting a still system for purchase, materials of construction matter just as much as size and other features. Both have their benefits, but how do you know which one is right for you? Borosilicate glass has been utilized and [...]

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The Basics of Molecular Distillation

Article written by Brian Beckley for July 15, 2020 Although distillation often gets lumped in with extraction, it’s actually the step after extraction, a process that refines the raw oil, removes impurities, waxes and other undesirable elements, like chlorophyll. It turns the extract from the viscous material often used for dabs into a [...]

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How Volatiles can Affect your Distillation Process

If you have run wiped-film equipment before, you likely have run into vacuum issues at least once in your career.  Weak vacuum can often be caused by a leak in your system, which can be very frustrating to fix. However, if your system is vacuum tight and the pressure increases dramatically above the desired range when feeding material to the still – what might be the issue?  The cause likely is the presence of volatiles in your feed material.

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4 Questions on Distillation: Effectively Remove Volatiles and Solvents to Improve Yield and Quality

In the latest issue of Cannabis Business Times, Dean Segal, vice president of sales and marketing for Pope Scientific, explains why it's important and how to effectively remove volatiles and solvents prior to, and early in the distillation process to improve yield and quality.

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Unique Opportunity: New 10 kg/hr Cannabinoid Distillation System Available Now

This turnkey industrial duty processing machine can be ready to ship within 2-3 weeks after purchase and payment. The Pope 2-stage 6” cannabinoid Distillation Systems are well known for their solid, high quality build, easy and reliable 24-hour continuous operation, excellent accurate control and data logging, and most importantly, cannabinoid product of highest quality, purity [...]

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Isolation with Crystallizing Reactors | Nutsche Filter-Dryers

Pope Nutsche Filter-Dryers are known and used worldwide for final purification of pharmaceutical intermediates, high purity fine chemicals and other critical applications. Pope Reactors and Vessel Systems have been utilized for decades in the same industries. In many cases, Pope supplies reactors utilized for crystallization and a companion Nutsche for filtering, washing and drying [...]

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