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Visit our booth to learn how we can both optimize your process and readily scale up your production throughputs.  Pope’s technical team is ready to confidentially discuss your current processing routines and listen to your goals. We can recommend methods, strategies, and equipment for your process, taking into account your realistic budget and preferences.

We’ve been doing this successfully for over 50 years in many industries worldwide – rest assured we will be here to support you well into the future!

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We’re thrilled to share we will be introducing our new Wiped-film still, the WFC-600 at this year’s MjBizCon.  This molecular still model is a portable, self-contained modular 6” system for high-performance cannabinoid distillation, though also utilizable for many other applications. The CE Certification covers the entire system as a whole, not just individual components.  The base system is complete and ready for cannabis distillate manufacturing. Optional packages are available for customers’ particular preferences and requirements.  The CE marking affirms its compliance for use in Europe and other countries requiring this specification.  Pope’s WFC series of wiped film stills offers a newly designed, extra high integrity convenient portable cart system to customers in the Americas and other regions not requiring the marking.

Pope WFC-600 CE-Certified Wiped Film Still

One size does NOT fit all. Pope offers tailored solutions to optimize YOUR processing.

From 2″ to 20″, we have you covered.  When expanding or upgrading extract distillation production, selecting the correct type and size of equipment is critical. If too large, both processing quality and ROI will be diminished.  If too small, it may be soon outgrown.  Several vendors have just one or two models of wiped-film stills to select from.  But at Pope, we have a wide range of sizes to offer.  We carefully consult our clients at length on many factors to help determine what equipment is needed and optimize it for their particular situation, including versatile planning for the future. We also offer customized options to accommodate various needs and preferences. In addition to the single-stage units listed in this handy chart, we also offer skid-mounted, fully automated, turnkey multistage systems.

Cannabis & Hemp Isolation Equipment

Turnkey Nutsche Reactor Combo for CBD Isolation

Find out why so many processers have found Pope to be the best choice for scaling their business!

Since 1975, Pope Scientific has been producing premium wiped-film distillation equipment for a vast array of industries. Over the years, we’ve optimized our systems specifically for the cannabis industry.  Today, work directly with our customers to customize equipment based on their unique processing techniques.

Pope’s USA-made equipment lines include Wiped-Film Molecular (Short-Path) Stills and Evaporators, Fractional Column Stills, Falling Film Evaporators, Reactors, Mixers, Nutsche Filter-Dryers, Crystallizers, Decarboxylators and Custom Turnkey Combined Processing Systems. Our in-depth process knowledge, quality standards, documentation, and customer support are continually cited as unmatched. With Pope, you can expect exceptional cannabis process equipment, unbeatable service, and expert support for life!

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