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Scale up with Pope!
Visit Booth 7427 at MjBizCon

Visit our booth to learn how we can both optimize your process and readily scale up your production throughputs.  Pope’s technical team is ready to confidentially discuss your current processing routines and listen to your goals. We can recommend methods, strategies, and equipment for your process, taking into account your realistic budget and preferences.

We’ve been doing this successfully for over 50 years in many industries worldwide – rest assured we will be here to support you well into the future!

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manufacturing area of pope scientific who manufactures distillation equipment for the cannabis and hemp industries

Win an Edwards E2M18 Vacuum Pump!

Stop by our booth 7427 and enter to win an all-new Edwards E2M18 Vacuum Pump for your system.
Also included: Ball Valve, Oil Mist Eliminator, Bleed Valve Assembly, and Vacuum Hose.
Edwards Vacuum E2M18 Vacuum Pump

Featured Equipment

  • Pope ProPass 600– The industrial no-frills workhorse of distillation, feeding up to an honest 10 kg/hr!
  • 2″ Standard Wiped-film Still – The famous starting point for small-scale WFS production processing, lab experimentation, process development, etc. Shown in demonstration mode.
  • A display rack of 2”, 4”, 6”, 9”, and 12” Pope WFS bodies and drives for comparison. (Sorry, no room at the show for our 20” WFS, but when you need 100-200 kg/hr, we’ve got them!)
  • Nutsche Filter Dryer and Reactor sets for isolating CBD
  • Benchtop Nutsche for small production and process development. Displayed in demonstration mode – come see how it works!

Pope also delivers custom turnkey modular process and pilot skids for cannabis and hemp processing. These can include multiple stages and technologies such as wiped film and fractional column distillation, reaction, filtering, falling film, and automated PLC control systems.

Pope ProPass 600

The ProPass 600

Scale your business with Pope

From 2″ to 20″, we have you covered.

Cannabis & Hemp Isolation Equipment

Turnkey Nutsche Reactor Combo for CBD Isolation

Find out why so many processers have found Pope to be the best choice for scaling their business!

Since 1975, Pope Scientific has been producing premium wiped-film distillation equipment for a vast array of industries. Over the years, we’ve optimized our systems specifically for the cannabis industry.  Today, work directly with our customers to customize equipment based on their unique processing techniques.

Pope’s USA-made equipment lines include Wiped-Film Molecular (Short-Path) Stills and Evaporators, Fractional Column Stills, Falling Film Evaporators, Reactors, Mixers, Nutsche Filter-Dryers, Crystallizers, Decarboxylators and Custom Turnkey Combined Processing Systems. Our in-depth process knowledge, quality standards, documentation, and customer support are continually cited as unmatched. With Pope, you can expect exceptional cannabis process equipment, unbeatable service, and expert support for life!

Want to chat before the show?

We’d love to hear more about your processing and how we can help you grow. Drop us a line.