This turnkey industrial duty processing machine can be ready to ship within 2-3 weeks after purchase and payment. The Pope 2-stage 6” cannabinoid Distillation Systems are well known for their solid, high quality build, easy and reliable 24-hour continuous operation, excellent accurate control and data logging, and most importantly, cannabinoid product of highest quality, purity and yield. Proven results with either hemp-derived CBD or marijuana-derived THC extracts, with feed rates up to 10 kg/hr.

The customer for this still system suddenly lost their financing. Although they would prefer to take delivery, they are unable to do so for an indefinite time period and have advised us to release their queue. If you’re interested in this unit, contact us today!  


10 kg/hr cannabinoid distillation system


This Turnkey System Includes:

  • Allen-Bradley PLC control system with large touch screen monitor and PC based data recorder/logger. UL certified.
  • Two SS hot oil jacketed 6” still bodies with high surface area internal condensers, plus external condenser on stage 1.
  • Two high capacity vacuum systems with dry scroll pump on stage 1, rotary vane plus diffusion pumps on stage 2, SS cold traps and  auto-vacuum controls.
  • Liquid handling lines, high purity design, heat-traced, with removable insulation, multiple pumps and coriolis flow transmitters providing precision auto-feed rate control plus real-time monitor display of discharge rates and mass balance distillate-residue percentages, (no stopwatch, bucket and calculator determinations needed!)
  • Solid skid and support frame.
  • Full complement of utilities including two hot oil still body circulators, two cold trap immersion chillers, heating and chilling circulators for internal condensers and stage 1 external condenser.
  • Complete documentation package including FAT, IQ / OQ, COC, surface finish, material and calibration certificates, cut sheets, drawings, operating manuals, spare parts lists. Sufficient for GMP validation by customers.
  • 12 month warranty included

This opportunity won’t last long. Contact Dean Segal or Chris Fertnig today for more details at 1(262)268-9300.