Scientific Solutions Is Proud To Continue Working Together With Pope Scientific In Bringing Cutting Edge Equipment To The Cannabis/Hemp Space

SAN DIEGO, July 19, 2021 /PRNewswire

Scientific Solutions Inc, a San Diego based company focused on equipment sales and training for all-in-one extraction solutions in the Hemp and Cannabis space, is proud to work closely with our long-time partner/supplier Pope Scientific Inc., a leader for 6 decades in multi-industry chemical and pharma processing and laboratory equipment and now firmly established in the Cannabis and Hemp industry, with specialties in distillation and isolation systems. Our continued partnership with Pope Scientific allows us to stay at the forefront of medium and large-scale distillate and isolate production equipment which helps our clients achieve their goals and have peace of mind.

Pope Scientific
This year, we are looking to bring focus on the variety of process and production equipment, as well as support, that is available to our customers from our partnership with Pope Scientific. An important component of Pope’s offerings is the manufacturing and technology of wiped-film molecular distillation systems, today a vital step in post-extraction cannabinoid purification for both cannabis and hemp oil processing. These systems are some of, if not, the most cost-effective U.S. manufactured wiped-film still options on the market and considered by many to offer the best quality and technology available worldwide. They are robust enough to handle the day-to-day use in production facilities while maintaining maximum quality, purity, yield, throughput and value of finished cannabinoid product. Pope’s knowledge and technology is supplemented by a very busy Toll Distillation Processing Services group within its main facility. A great many companies from new startups to well-known multinational corporations in many industries, outsource their molecular distillation operations to Pope. The services are licensed for cGMP food processing, including kosher and halal certifications, and now also licensed for hemp processing. Several pharma companies have self-validated and certified the processing performed at Pope as well.

Pope’s equipment and technology are not limited to just distillation; product lines include systems for decarboxylation, winterization, crystallization isolation, reaction, mixing, dispensing, feeding, and receiving vessels just to name a few. Fully turnkey, skid-mounted, multi-component processing systems are a specialty at Pope. All vessels are ASME certified and stamped for vacuum and pressure, CRN and CE/PED certifications are also available for customers in Canada, Europe and other regions as well.

“Scientific Solutions is focused on providing valuable advice in the selection of equipment, laboratory design, equipment installation, staff training, and full facility operation and production management. Working with Pope has given us the added benefit of being able to offer both our customers a dual support network, where they can get help from not only our team of skilled sales reps, trainers, and installers but also the engineers and specialists over at Pope Scientific. This includes free onsite Wiped Film training at their facility in Wisconsin for anyone that purchases one of their systems.” comments Scientific Solutions CTO, Mclain Meenderink.

“We’ve been very pleased with our relationship with Scientific Solutions. Their capabilities and extensive knowledge in lab planning, as well as their array of complementary product offerings to our equipment brings synergy into the fold. We entrust them with helping customers select the right solutions that set them up for success. We also work well as a Pope-Scientific Solutions team in concert with clients and their associated groups, contractors, etc. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Scientific Solutions and helping customers find success in the cannabis and hemp processing industry.” Dean Segal, VP Sales & Marketing, Pope Scientific. We are proud to continue offering all of Pope Scientific’s systems and parts through Scientific Solutions via our website and experienced sales team.

About Scientific Solutions Inc.
Scientific Solutions, Inc. was formed in San Diego, CA on March 2017. We represent 170+ vendors and have sold into over 700 labs nationwide with some international sales. We are authorized resellers for all the major manufacturers, our vision is to help our customers get better pricing and the knowledge to use their equipment when they enter the market, scale up or upgrade their equipment. Our business was initially 100% cannabis but has evolved to 50% Hemp and 50% cannabis. We specialized in helping our clients take an empty facility/building and turn it into a fully functional, profitable processing lab. We also offer installs as well as servicing, support, and training on all the equipment we sell.
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About Pope Scientific
Engineered and manufactured in the USA, Pope’s critical processing equipment has been utilized worldwide by the pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, vitamin, food, flavor, polymer, biobased, and fine chemical industries for nearly 60 years. Our distillation, reaction, filtering, and other processing equipment are available in lab testing, pilot plant, and production scales. Pope’s unparalleled depth of experience in equipment design, application support, toll processing, piloting, and testing help our clients achieve the best possible results.

We are Solution Driven – Our long history demonstrates how clients have brought routine and complex separation/purification/mixing applications issues to Pope to solve and to make successful commercialization a reality. Located north of Milwaukee, in Saukville, Wisconsin, Pope has a recently expanded 64,000 square foot facility which houses our headquarters offices and areas for engineering, fabrication, toll processing/pilot/testing services, glassblowing, shipping/storage and other functions.

SOURCE:  Scientific Solutions