Pope is excited to share this end-of-year sale!

This sale won’t be extended and is a unique opportunity to get discounted systems you don’t want to pass by!

Discounts include:

10% off Pope Wiped-Film Still Distillation Systems including standard 2”, 4” 6” Canna Stills, and Turnkey Multistage Wiped-Film distillation systems – 6”, 9” and 12” size (up to 60+ kg/hr feedrate!)

10% off Pope Benchtop Nutsche Filter-Dryers

15% off the New Pope 6” ProPass Stainless Steel Canna Still!

The sale is good from October through December 2021.  Quotes are valid 30 days.
Contact us today for updated pricing on your next system!  Don’t miss out!

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10% OFF Pope Benchtop Nutsche Filter Dryer
Isolation / Nutsche Filter Dryers
10% OFF Pope Standard Wiped-Film Canna Stills
Pope 6" Stainless Steel Wiped-film Still
10% OFF Turnkey / Multistage Wiped-Film Systems
Cannabis Distillation Kits
15% OFF Pope ProPass 600 Stainless Steel Canna Still
Pope ProPass 600