“Distillation of Cannabis Extracts” was the seminar topic as Pope Scientific expert detailed the chemical processing behind obtaining high purity cannabinoids and recovering terpenes

Dean Segal, Vice President of Sales & Marketing who holds B.S. degrees in both Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry, was on the agenda at CannaTech Tel Aviv—a next-level medical cannabis conference bringing together industry influencers and thought leaders to discover, connect and accelerate medical cannabis innovation.

Part of Segal’s presentation highlighted the reasons to distill crude extract, which included:

  • Increased purity of cannabinoids [Typical example being 65% in trim going to 85-90%]
  • Removal of heavies, chlorophyll, larger waxes, salts, sugars, higher MW pesticides, etc.
  • Product becomes clear light yellow, from dark opaque brown
  • If product is to be used as vape, better to leave out heavies and solids
  • If product is to be isolated [chromatography, crystallization, etc.], results in greater purity and much greater yield
  • Improvements are gained without introduction of solvents, etc.

Segal also worked the trade show floor representing Pope Scientific at the Rhenium booth. A sponsor of the event, Rhenium is one of Israel’s leading suppliers of laboratory, research and diagnostic equipment; working with top-level manufacturers from around the world like Pope to import solution-driven  equipment.