CBD Isolation Equipment and Crystallization Explanation

Crystallization is a common Isolation method used to separate a substance in its pure form from a mixture. In cannabinoid applications, crystallization is often used to isolate CBD with additional cannabinoids like THC, terpenes, and other plant components stripped out. In the US and around the world, there is demand for specific low-THC levels in products. To meet these varying standards, Pope Scientific offers various THC remediation equipment and methods to help you get your desired end-product and purity level. Such THC remediation equipment includes our Nutsche Filter Dryers and Reactor pairs used in the isolation and crystallization of cannabinoids. You can learn more about how this process works in our Isolation and Crystallization Resource.

For more information check out our Isolation/Crystallization FAQs here.

How Crystallization Works

Under proper conditions, crystals form creating a highly purified substance. Crystals will begin to nucleate when the substrate in the solvent becomes supersaturated and then process conditions can be dictated to control either nucleation or crystal growth. Many crystallization processes are done with batch reactors as it allows for precise control of these attributes. Pope Scientific offers a variety of CBD crystallization equipment and turnkey solutions for crystallization. Learn more about Pope Scientific’s CBD Isolation solutions below.

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