Frequently Asked Questions

About Molecular Cannabis Distillation and the Cannabis Distillate Process

In the rapidly evolving cannabis + hemp industries, there has been increasing interest and growth in the production of THC distillate and CBD distillate utilized in various product forms including vaping oils, edibles, dabs, tinctures and others.

Cannabis distillation and isolation after extraction have become very important in greatly improving the purity, color, safety, and value of finished product. At the same time, there remain many questions, misinformation and incorrect terminology on the topics within the cannabis business community. Here, we attempt to answer many reoccurring questions and to clarify some of the prevailing confusion surrounding cannabinoid distillation + isolation.

Many have found our FAQs section to be a turning point in their understanding of the functionality and importance of the cannabis distillation process and in particular, the advantages of Pope wiped-film molecular distillation equipment.  We also share some answers to general questions about Pope including training, ordering parts, other equipment offered and more.

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