Reaction & Processing Equipment

Expertly-designed and engineered for application-specific requirements.

Pope offers a wide range of pressure vessels, from simple storage “cans” to reactors, to complex processing systems for processing of Cannabis and Hemp and for other specialty applications and industries.

Expertly designed and engineered for application-specific requirements including:

  • Decarboxylation, winterization & filtering, evaporation units
  • Turnkey custom processing systems, including synthetic cannabinoid reaction, adsorption, concentration, liquid handling centers other applications.
  • Solvent recycling and purification systems, can incorporate Pope’s Fractional Column Stills
  • Storage, shipping, mixing, dispensing, feeding and receiving vessels
  • Instrumentation, controls, PLCs and data recording/storage packages available, UL/CSA/CE certification.
  • Explosion proof, Div. I and II compliance available.
  • 316L-SS, Hastelloy and other metal alloys
  • Pharmaceutical-grade polishes
  • All vessels ASME certified and stamped for vacuum and pressure.
  • Canadian CRN and European CE/PED certification also available.

Set of 4 Portable pharmaceutical mixing vessels

Set of 4 Portable pharmaceutical mixing vessels, 400-L, 60-L, 6-L, 0.7-L. 316L SS, highly polished interiors, actuated diaghragm bottom drain valves, largest two with Div. 1 motors and controllers.

Pope Pharmaceutical Vessels with Mixers

Turnkey double reactor processing system

Turnkey double reactor processing system for advanced battery material pilot development. Computer controlled, with programmable batching, precision flow multiple ingredient feed control, temperature and pressure control, pH control, mechanized vessel head lifts, portable locking addition vessels.

Pope Twin 4L Reactor System with PLC

Turnkey pilot plant system

Turnkey continuous mode fractional column distillation pilot plant system, Div. I explosion proof, all 316-L SS material.  With pulseless reflux ratio dividing, dual control system for either vacuum or pressure operation, coriolis flow metering for all streams, product receivers.

2 inch Continuous Fractional XP System

Transfer/storage vessel

Order of 38 pharmaceutical transfer/storage vessels, Hastelloy C-22, electopolished finish

Pope Pharmacuetical Hastelloy Vessels

200-L fractional column distillation system

200-L fractional column distillation system for migh melting point hazardous electronics material purification.  Div. II electrical classification.  Complex manifolding design with 4 cold traps, product, feed and CIP vessels, actuated valving for multiple flow paths.

Pope Air Liquid Fractional Still

150-gallon reaction-adsorbtion-evaporation system

150-gallon reaction-adsorbtion-evaporation system for synthetic cannabinoid production.  316-L SS and Hastelloy C-276 construction.  With Div.II electrical rated control and data logging/recording, pneumatic valve actuation and vessel mixing, load cells, portable product receivers.

Pope 150 Gallon Turnkey Reactor & Processing System web

Pope Turnkey Explosion-Proof 2-Stage 9″ + 6″

Pope Turnkey Explosion-Proof 2-Stage 9″ + 6″ Stainless Steel Wiped Film Evaporator System for Solvent Removal.

Pope Wiped-Film Evaporator with 9 + 6 Inch WFE System XP-Rated

Specialists Are Available

Our application engineer specialists are available to assist from concept to commissioning.