CBD Isolation / Crystallizing Turnkey Solutions

Incorporate the same scheme and design utilized by pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies to optimize your Isolation. Simultaneously running a crystallizing Reactor and a Nutsche Filter Dryer provide efficiency along with the greatest purity, yield, and product value in your application.

The advantages of pairing a Crystalizing Reactor and Nutsche Filter-Dryer include:

  • Each vessel is optimally designed for performing these two different processes
  • Saves time by having both processes running simultaneously
  • Can be performed with no open handling of the raw material or slurry
  • Isolation is a critical operation, and often the final step in the entire manufacturing process.

Pope Scientific’s Nutsches are preferred-proven for CBD crystallizing isolation to 99.9%, with less than 0.3%, to undetectable THC levels.

Pope has developed a variety of turnkey systems for creating CBD isolate, including Crystallization reactors:

  • 5L Reactor and 4L Nutsche (Benchtop scale)

  • 30L Reactor and 25L Nutsche

  • 60L Reactor and 50L Nutsche

  • 120L Reactor and 100L Nutsche

  • 200L Reactor and 170L Nutsche

  • 400L Reactor and 350L Nutsche

  • Custom sizes and designs available upon request

Our application engineer specialists are available to help you determine the best system for your needs.

cbda crystallization
cbda crystallization

CBD Isolation / Crystallization

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