Isolation / Reactors & Vessels

Reactors and vessels are critical for any chemical processing facility. For high purity and high value materials, batch systems are often utilized. Simple vessels can be used for storing and transporting materials. Often features such as Nitrogen connections or liquid heating jackets are used on these vessels to either prepare the material for long term storage, or to prepare the material for further processing. Reactors are often seen as more complicated devices that incorporate agitators and baffles that allow for controlled mixing or devices such as reflux condensers.

Sizes range from less than 1-liter to 1000-liters or more. Our application engineer specialists are available to help design units that meet your specific requirements.

Common cannabis & hemp applications:

  • Winterization & Ethanol Extraction Systems
  • Cannabinoid Reaction Processing
  • Custom Skid-mounted Liquid Handling Systems
isolation vessels as part of a complete equipment system

Specialists are Available to Help

Our application engineer specialists are available to help you determine the right equipment for your isolation needs. Feel free to contact us to learn more or ask questions.