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At Pope’s plant in Saukville, (near Milwaukee) Wisconsin, USA. The equipment is made, fully tested and serviced in our facility, and nearly every sub-component is likewise of domestic origin. Spare or additional parts are normally available overnight to locations throughout North America, and within 2-3 days to most other countries worldwide.

“The best” – at least this is what we hear from our customers who have experience with our competitors. We pride ourselves in being accessible and responsive, from expediting needed spare parts to consulting without charge via email, phone and video to solve our clients’ issues and improve their processing results. Our Sales Team is closely integrated such that everyone can act as Customer Service and where needed, engage our specialists. Pope’s experience and knowledge is the deepest found anywhere, backed by decades of working with a great number of applications and industries, toll processing contract services, and a professional staff, including no less than 3 chemical engineers, plus other engineers and chemists.

We do, and it it’s one of our specialties! Pope has a solid team of processing application specialists, engineers and drafters running both AutoCAD and SolidWorks, ready to take on custom and complex projects designed and optimized for customers’ applications, requirements and preferences. Anything from slight modifications of standard equipment models to unique turnkey PLC-driven systems are offered. Very thorough documentation and certification packages are provided with each system, including written record of the customer-attended FAT, (Factory Acceptance Testing), prior to shipping.

Pope has its own team of experienced glassblowers which enables Pope to offer special versions of flasks and other components of different volumes, with alternate types, locations and sizes of joints. Alternate materials such as 316L SS or Hastelloy are offered. Special versions of instrumentation, pumps, heating/cooling and other peripheral components available as well. More complex equipment is described in another section.

There is no additional charge for training; it is included for our customers with distillation system purchases! Personal training and distillation demonstration is performed at our Saukville, WI facility, 25 miles north of Milwaukee. Clients visit sometime between the time when equipment is ordered and when shipped. This is done privately, one company at a time – you receive full attention, without the presence of any potential competitors. Groups of up to 5 colleagues may attend, but experience indicates that training is most effective when the group is 3 or less. Covered topics include equipment setup, maintenance, cleaning and operation, initial parameter settings and how and why to change them for optimization of yield and purity, strategies for different starting materials and final product goals, recommendations for steps prior to distillation, plus theory, depending on customer’s interest. Nearly all users have found that after this comprehensive training and demonstration, they are able to set up, install and start operating the equipment themselves, making good quality product the same or next day after receiving the still, with no difficulty. Of course, we are always here for questions via phone or email, again without charge. Special trips to client’s facilities can be quoted if necessary.

Installation supervision, testing, training and startup at customer facilities for multistage turnkey skid mounted systems is normally included in the purchase price. For simpler systems, this is optional and usually unnecessary after training at Pope.

64,000 square feet, including a recently opened 20,000 square feet engineering and manufacturing expansion. We have room to grow!

In a rush? Call Pope at 262-268-9300, hit 0 for the receptionist and ask to speak to someone, (there are several), who can take your order. Be prepared with a credit card, a shipping address and contact info. For those with lists of several items to purchase, we strongly advise that either a PO or a page of information with similar information, (shipping and contact address, billing address, identifying order number, preferred means of shipping, plus the individual item and total pricing and item descriptions), be sent in advance via email to sales@popeinc.com or else to a salesperson at Pope who is expecting the order. We accept credit cards up to $5,000 order total, beyond which 3% CC fees must be added. Wire transfers are preferred, instructions provided upon request. If urgent, call us soon after sending. Pope has PO template forms available online or upon request.

8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Central Time, Monday through Friday. You can also try to reach someone outside these hours. If nobody answers, be sure to leave a voicemail either with the general mailbox or with a salesperson’s. We will get back to you as soon as possible. An email will of course work as well.

Our Wiped Film Molecular Stills (WFMS) are one of the versions of the family of Pope’s Wiped Film Stills (WFS). Another version is the Wiped Film Evaporator, (WFE), which is similar to a WFMS except that there is only an external condenser and no internal condenser. These operate at weaker vacuum levels and are primarily used for removing large percentages of solvent from less volatile components  for example, removal of ethanol from cannabinoid after extraction or winterization. A WFE should be considered when production throughputs surpass what is appropriate for rotary evaporators.

Decarboxylation Reactors for converting cannabinoids from acid form to active form are available in any desired size. These include jacketed vessels with mixers, condensers, vacuum pumps, heating circulators and other items for turnkey operation. These are excellent for removing leftover ethanol from prior evaporation, gasses and the CO2 reaction byproduct, making distillation perform much better. Portability also allows use as transfer and feed vessels for distillation systems.

Crystallization Isolation Systems consisting of a crystallizing vessel and a nutsche filter-dryer vessel plus all components for turnkey operation are offered in any required sizes. These reactors and nutsches are also available separately. Pope also offers  a wide range of custom stainless steel portable pressure vessels, reactors, mixers, dispensers and fully customized turnkey processing systems. Examples of the latter include synthetic cannabinoid reactor production systems.

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We have a highly skilled team of process engineers and customer support specialists to help.