Scalable from 100 Millilitres/day up to 100 Kilograms/hour

We engineer and manufacture an all-encompassing range of distillation equipment sizes — from small lab duty, up to large industrial production units. Our multistage, stainless steel, fully-turnkey skid-mounted systems serve major cannabis production installations requiring capacities anywhere from 10 kg/hr up to 100 kg/hr.

Excellent results are produced, independent of the extraction method used, and whether or not winterization and/or decarboxylation have been performed. Distillate product is optically-clear light-yellow, and separated away from dark residue, chlorophyll, heavy waxes, sugars and salts. THC distillation and CBD distillation produce high value clear shatter or dab, and fine oils for vape and edibles. Terpenes isolation and collection is also possible.

Our classic 2″ Wiped-Film Evaporators [WFE] are found in hundreds of industrial and academic labs, and now have become the most popular post-extraction distillation system for startup cannabinoid processing companies. These systems are typically used to distill from 100 ml/day up to 2 liters/day. Our larger standard glass 4″ and 6″ models are being utilized for greater throughput and are available for up to 5 and 10 liters/day. All Pope Scientific equipment is proudly made in the USA.

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