In this video, Pope’s Process & Sales Engineer, Ben Kultgen, introduces Pope’s Nutsche Filter-Dryer for the final isolation of cannabinoids.

Many cannabinoid isolates are created by taking a distilled extract, combining it with a solvent, and then using temperature change or evaporation to create a slurry of formed crystals and solvent.

The Nutsche filter dryer comes into play after this slurry is created. The slurry can be transferred into the Nutsche where the filtrate, also known as mother liquor, is forced through a bottom filter disc, resulting in a wet cake of crystalline cannabinoid. The Nutsche Filter-Dryer is more diverse than a simple filter as it also has a spray nozzle to allow for the isolate to be washed with a clean solvent, a liquid jacket for controlled heating or cooling, pressure capability for the efficient discharge of solvent, vacuum capability for drying solvent out of the filter cake, (aided by heat).

The design of the Nutsche for cannabinoid processing can include a special raisin/lowering full diameter cake agitator to assist the release of crystal surface impurities during washing and breaking up cake lumps to assist in efficient drying.

The Nutsche Filter-Dryer design provides an efficient single-vessel location for several process steps to occur with containment, eliminating contamination and exposure and unnecessary extra handling,

If you would like to learn more about Pope Scientific’s Nutsche filter dryers for your cannabinoid material, or any of our other cannabis processing equipment, please reach out and our technical sales team will be happy to assist you. Learn more and visit our Isolation equipment page.