Pope Turnkey Cannabinoid Processing System

Turnkey System for Reaction and Processing of Synthetic Cannabinoids

Pope offers fully integrated processing systems custom-engineered for many specific or general-purpose applications. Systems can incorporate reactors, crystallizers, blenders, homogenizers, dispensers, decarboxylators, filters, stills, evaporators, portable or stationary storage vessels, and more, configured in multiple-stage process skids, including instrumentation and controls. Built for high purity, food, and pharmaceutical use to ASME BPE and Sec VIII ratings (plus available CRN and CE), this turnkey equipment is ready for installation and for high-performance cannabinoid, edible, and other materials manufacturing.

For each custom-built system, Pope’s highly specialized engineers provide guidance throughout the entire project, including process development, engineering, installation, training, technical support and, we are told, the best, most comprehensive documentation packages in the entire cannabis industry! After-sale applications, technical and sales support is first-rate and is always available.

Have ideas on equipment you would like for your facility? Run them by our application professionals to help complete the concepts and provide proposals. Rely on Pope’s 60 Solution Driven years of experience in providing satisfied customers world-wide with quality equipment.

pope cannabis distillation manufactures homogenizer systems for the cannabis industry