Let’s kick off summer right!  We’re offering limited-time discounts on Pope’s Distillation Equipment. 

Summer Kick Off Sale Includes: 

  • 5% discount off our standard wiped-film still distillation systems (Includes 2”, 4” and 6” systems)
    • + 20% off stainless-steel components (internal condenser and body) within a WFS package
  • 20% discount on stainless-steel conversion kits – the kit consists of a stainless steel body, internal condenser, and all the necessary adapters to insert it on an existing glass still.
  • 8% discount on turnkey single or multistage wiped-film distillation systems – 6”, 9” and 12” size (up to 60+ kg/hr feedrate!) 
Pope Summer Sale 2021

Pictured Left to Right: Pope 10 kg/hr PLC operated 2-Stage Stainless Steel Turnkey System, and Pope Standard 6” Stainless Steel Wiped-Film Distillation System

Standard Wiped-Film Molecular Distillation Package includes:

  • The required heating items for evaporation, elevated temperature condensing, and keeping the viscous material flowing.
  • The chilling units for the external condenser and cold trap.
  • Vacuum pump system with gauge, wiper drive speed controller.
  • An assortment of spare receivers for product collection and sampling.
  • Spare parts are also part of the package.
  • You can be up and running, producing high-purity high-value products with this distillation equipment the same day it is received!
  • Proudly made in the USA, parts, and accessories can usually be delivered overnight to domestic locations and within 2-3 days to most other countries.
  • Learn more about our standard packages

Turnkey & Multistage Wiped-Film Distillation Equipment:

In addition to our standardized Wiped Film Distillation Equipment (2”, 4” and 6” systems) Pope also produces turnkey skid-mounted industrial production systems. Our multistage, stainless steel, PLC-controlled, fully turnkey skid-mounted systems serve major cannabis production installations requiring capacities anywhere from 10 kg/hr up to 100 kg/hr. We are capable of engineering and manufacturing industrial production-sized stills as massive as you need. Learn more about our multistage equipment

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Please feel free to reach out with questions about this promotion.  *Pope reserves the right to discontinue the sale at any time. Discount does not apply to applicable taxes, or shipping & handling charges.